Sunday, 12 January 2014

1/300 Napoleonics

I managed to get along to the Maidstone club on Saturday for the first time in quite a while and got another chance to play in a 1/300 Napoleonic game.  I was on the  Franco Bavarian side in command of the Bavarian Division and facing the Prussians.

Having surveyed the terrain, our plan was to deploy in depth in the centre with the French in the lead, the my Bavarians followed by our French Cavalry and to use the cavalry to screen any Prussian advance on our right flank whilst the French attacked on our left.

The Prussians deployed all three of their Divisions on our right and advanced down the table using a stream to cover their right flank.  Our French Division advanced around their flank and crashed into their right hand division whilst their left hand division was focussed on trying to push our Cavalry out of the way.

I had deployed one of my Bavarian brigades and the artillery on some hills to our centre and acted as a hinge for our line whilst holding one brigade in reserve.  With the French assault making headway I added a couple of my unit to the fray but was coming under increasing pressure to my right.  After an artillery bombardment our French cavalry was thrown back by their infantry but my Bavarian cavalry stepped into the breach and continued to hold them up.

With our time running out the Prussian division on our left began to withdraw after a valiant fight but having sustained heavy casualties.  The Prussian central division decided to assault my artillery and infantry support but were thrown back decisively on my left; however, despite the artillery using canister they broke through my right.  But it wasn't enough and the day was ours.

Here are a couple of photos - apologies for the quality but I forgot my proper camera (doh!) and was left with only the rather poor one on my phone:

My Bavarians follow up the French advance

The Prussians advance

The Prussians about to move through the town

Cavalry on our right French then Bavarian


  1. Nice Al! Not my scale, but it seems to be a huge, great fight!

    1. It was a fun game and 1/300 certainly has some good points but it's not currently on of my scales either (yet!)

  2. Nice to see some of the 6mm out on the table, sounds a good game


    1. It was indeed Ian - we all enjoyed it and 6mm does allow you to get some serious units onto the table!

  3. Replies
    1. Sorry about that mate - I'll stop posting anything new shall I? :-)

      I must admit I have been thinking about 1/300 myself for a while but for WW2 (largely as I only have that in three scales at the moment...)