Monday, 10 September 2007

The best laid plans and all that...

Given that my plans didn't include being ill things have slipped a little but such is life.

It has allowed me to make a bit more progress with Fighter Boys by Patrick Bishop which focusses on the RAF around the Battle of Britain. The book relies heavily on the author's research into the individual pilots who fought and died in that critical time. An interesting read.

I think I've also got a scenario for the Troops, Weapons and Tactics game too. Another opportunity for me to look out my 20mm bridge for an Eastern Front game!

Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Back from my holidays - Time for a sort out

Just got back from a family holiday relaxed and refreshed - so just in the mood to have a complete sort out! I've decided that I need to catalogue all my unfinished projects and work out a plan to get them moving again. A cursory glance in the games room revealed quite a few stalled projects which don't need a huge amount of work to get them to the table top.

I'm also planning to create a schedule to get my unplayed rules played! First off I plan to give Troops Weapons and Tactics by the Too Fat Lardies (a lower level derivative of their I Ain't Been Shot Mum WW2 rules) and Renaissance Raiders by the Antwerp Fusiliers (a set inspired by the Commands and Colors system - although hex based I plan to convert these to traditional table top). So watch this space!