Sunday, 25 September 2011

A quick update

Things have been very quiet on the gaming front as all my spare time is being spent decorating and the like.  I now have most of my gaming kit in the new room in the attic but I am now waiting for some shelving to get it all organised - at which time I will be able to make some more progress.

Lenin is due to visit next month which provides a target date to get everything in order.  I am hoping to get Force on Force to the table (using my Mongrel Soviets and Afghans) along with some Indian Mutiny and my WW2 US figures.  With any luck I should also be able to get some boardgames tried out - so that should provide plenty of material for some future posts...

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Back Online!

Following a rather stressful house move and despite the best efforts of BT I am now back on-line.  I'm not sure there will be too many posts until I actually have everything unboxed though.  The new games room is much larger and a larger table is in the offing although I do need to sort out lots of shelving for all my stuff.  More soon...