Tuesday, 31 July 2007

Oh Dear - got out of the habit

If I had left this post until tomorrow it would have been an entire month with no posts - sorry about that! Real life has been intruding and I've just got out of the habit of making even small posts (which is something I really need to try to do) - I suppose as I'm only just back from holiday and, prior to that, hadn't really had much in the way of gaming going on (way way too much work) I didn't think I had much of interest to say.

Got a couple of additional games so I'll be popping first looks up if I can get my act together. Just need to pop off and fix the TV as my wife seems to have killed it - possibly in an attempt to get a new one!

Sunday, 1 July 2007

So where the heck have you been?!

Sorry folks - loads of work, a brief (very brief) holiday and a bunch of boring domestic stuff have been getting in the way of my gaming life! So not much to really blog about - but I thought I'd check in just to prove I'm still here.

I am still trying to make progress on some of my ongoing projects (but not having much success at the moment) - I've got all my Vendel and Graven Images Tudor Ireland figures out in order to finish basing them and to try to encourage me to work out the rules (not having been able to find any commercial ones that suited). At the moment they are a card based set but need some major development before they're ready for the tabletop.

I just took delivery of the balance of a Eureka order which I picked most of up at Salute. A slight ordering mix up meant they took much longer than expected. They are mostly Greek Myth figures to compliment the Foundry Greek horde I bought in their summer sale. I'll be using the Typhon rules for them - I just need to get them painted now!

I still haven't got round to taking pictures of the Brigade Games figures I got back from Lenin but I'll try to do that next weekend (no promises mind!).