Sunday 5 April 2015

Iron Duke Miniatures

For those of you interested in Indian Mutiny you should check out Iron Duke Miniatures, a new venture from Col. Mike Snook (the author of Go Strong into the Desert).  They are releasing a new range using one of my favourite sculptors, Paul Hicks:

IMBC 1 British Inf, shirtsleeves, covered Kilmarnocks & curtain, P1842 percussion muskets, slope arms,
IMBC 2 British Inf, shirtsleeves, covered Kilmarncoks & curtains, P1842 percussion muskets, charge bayonets
IMBC 3 British Inf, shirtsleeves, covered Kilmarnocks & curtains, Enfields, skirmishing
IMBC 4 British Inf, shirtsleeves, command
These are the first of a number of releases which will include Sikh/Punjabi infantry, 1st Madras Fusiliers and 78th Highlanders.  They are being retailed through Empress Miniatures and should also be available at Salute.

As always from Mr Hicks, these are splendid and the range fills some gaps in my existing collection but the open question is how they'll fit with my Mutineer figures.  Given that they are going to be in separate units I think I may well buy some anyway!