Saturday, 19 September 2009


I seem to be suffering a lot of spam comments on one particular post. They're all in Japanese but a quick google translate indicates they're nothing to do with gaming! If it becomes more widespread I may have to move to moderated comments (which would be a shame).

Saturday, 12 September 2009

Workbench update

After a few weekends when I've had very little time for gaming stuff I've just had a chance to sort out the debris on my workbench. After putting lots of stuff away I've now got out the figures I'll be working on next. It's mostly basing 28mm Crusader and Foundry early WW2 figures plus Vendel and Graven Images Elizabethan and Tudor Irish.

I'd quite forgotten how many Tudor figures I actually had and also how far I had got with them the last time they were out (which was quite a while ago). I've been meaning to write a set of rules for these for some time (the main reason that they haven't hit the table yet) and have some ideas but I do need to actually get them fleshed out into a state where I can actually put a game on. I'm planning to focus on the running battles rather than the set pieces as the latter are a bit of a foregone conclusion! Ideally I'd like to get the mechanics in a state where one side could be driven automatically to enable solo gaming without losing too much flavour.

Anyway, must get back to basing on they'll never get done!