Saturday, 8 May 2010

Yet Another Project Update

By now you will probably have realised that I mostly do these updates for my own benefit!  They help me to think through what I am working on and also keep a record of what progress (if any) I am making.

New Projects
15mm Marlburian - I have been thinking about doing this period for a while.  I have now done a bit of reading up (and a lot more to go!) and I have picked up a couple of rule sets which I would like to try (Beneath the Lily Banners and Lace Wars).  At the moment I am trying to figure out which figures to go with and how many to buy as an initial batch.  Of course there is a bit of a relationship here between the number of figures required and the rules as, rather inconveniently the two sets have differing approaches.  I think I will probably be constrained by my wallet and go with the smaller option and make the appropriate adjustments.

15mm/28mm AWI - I am currently reading Fusiliers by Mark Urban which has got me thinking about this period again.  It's one I have had a desire to do for quite some time but have been held back by not having fulfilled the core requirements of figures/terrain/rules/scenario(s).  As you can see by the title I am still undecided as to which scale to go with but am definitely leaning toward 28mm (Perry) which would allow me to use some of the American buildings I already have potentially supplemented by Grand Manner perhaps.  As to the rules I suspect I'm going to plump for an adaptation of Sharp Practice.

Existing Projects
28mm Sudan - I picked up a unit of Highlanders and another unit of Egyptians plus quite a few more Mahdists (all Perry of course) when I was at Salute (the postage saving justified the trip).  I'm in the process of cleaning up the figures - not much in the way of flash but lots of run offs, ready for painting.  I have another scenario in mind which will not only allow me to use these but also my desert fort that I got at Cavalier earlier this year.

28mm WW2 Mediterranean - I decided to start this project from a slightly unusual angle - the French.  So I bought some Artizan Goumiers and Afrika Korps to kick me off, which should allow both North Africa and Sicily/Italy scenarios to be played (using Nuts! of course).

28mm WW2 Dieppe - Having got a small number of Foundry Commando figures already I managed to pick up a few more for a pretty decent price on eBay and intend to run a couple of scenarios around the unfortunate landings at Dieppe in 1942.  I do have quite a few other bits and pieces to get for the scenarios to work though.  I may even expand this to the main landings over time (budget permitting!)

28mm Late WW1 - I am currently in the process of building a trench to allow me to use my Germans and French for a more traditional WW1 set of scenarios using Through the Mud & the Blood.

It's taking sometime to put it together but the result isn't looking too bad so far, although there's certainly plenty of time to muck it up!

Others - My two French Foreign Legion projects (Dahomey and Beau Geste) are both off for painting along with the Scarlet Pimpernel and a few top up figures for a Very British Civil War.  So I will have plenty to keep me busy with basing when they return.  I am also pondering basing my 28mm Redoubt Montrose figures for a game although I am currently trying to figure out which rules I want to try using.