Saturday, 8 May 2010

Yet Another Project Update

By now you will probably have realised that I mostly do these updates for my own benefit!  They help me to think through what I am working on and also keep a record of what progress (if any) I am making.

New Projects
15mm Marlburian - I have been thinking about doing this period for a while.  I have now done a bit of reading up (and a lot more to go!) and I have picked up a couple of rule sets which I would like to try (Beneath the Lily Banners and Lace Wars).  At the moment I am trying to figure out which figures to go with and how many to buy as an initial batch.  Of course there is a bit of a relationship here between the number of figures required and the rules as, rather inconveniently the two sets have differing approaches.  I think I will probably be constrained by my wallet and go with the smaller option and make the appropriate adjustments.

15mm/28mm AWI - I am currently reading Fusiliers by Mark Urban which has got me thinking about this period again.  It's one I have had a desire to do for quite some time but have been held back by not having fulfilled the core requirements of figures/terrain/rules/scenario(s).  As you can see by the title I am still undecided as to which scale to go with but am definitely leaning toward 28mm (Perry) which would allow me to use some of the American buildings I already have potentially supplemented by Grand Manner perhaps.  As to the rules I suspect I'm going to plump for an adaptation of Sharp Practice.

Existing Projects
28mm Sudan - I picked up a unit of Highlanders and another unit of Egyptians plus quite a few more Mahdists (all Perry of course) when I was at Salute (the postage saving justified the trip).  I'm in the process of cleaning up the figures - not much in the way of flash but lots of run offs, ready for painting.  I have another scenario in mind which will not only allow me to use these but also my desert fort that I got at Cavalier earlier this year.

28mm WW2 Mediterranean - I decided to start this project from a slightly unusual angle - the French.  So I bought some Artizan Goumiers and Afrika Korps to kick me off, which should allow both North Africa and Sicily/Italy scenarios to be played (using Nuts! of course).

28mm WW2 Dieppe - Having got a small number of Foundry Commando figures already I managed to pick up a few more for a pretty decent price on eBay and intend to run a couple of scenarios around the unfortunate landings at Dieppe in 1942.  I do have quite a few other bits and pieces to get for the scenarios to work though.  I may even expand this to the main landings over time (budget permitting!)

28mm Late WW1 - I am currently in the process of building a trench to allow me to use my Germans and French for a more traditional WW1 set of scenarios using Through the Mud & the Blood.

It's taking sometime to put it together but the result isn't looking too bad so far, although there's certainly plenty of time to muck it up!

Others - My two French Foreign Legion projects (Dahomey and Beau Geste) are both off for painting along with the Scarlet Pimpernel and a few top up figures for a Very British Civil War.  So I will have plenty to keep me busy with basing when they return.  I am also pondering basing my 28mm Redoubt Montrose figures for a game although I am currently trying to figure out which rules I want to try using.


  1. The trench looks awesome! Would look to see more pics of that - possibly with some WIP/construction tips pics too?

    You can see my Sudan and AWI project here:


  2. Seems like we have some similar interests!

    I do plan to post more pictures as the trench progresses and I have certainly learned a few things so far! The construction is going reasonably well but I am a little nervous that I'll mess the whole thing up when it comes to painting it.

  3. We certainly have! I find your blog very interesting, I've read through it right from the start too.

    Well, don't rush it! It looks impressive so far so just take your time with painting it and refer to any modelling books you have etc. You can always post on TMP or ask on here if anyone has any advice if you need any!


  4. No end to your imagination or interests Al :)

  5. Geordie

    Unfortunately, whilst there is seemingly no end to interests and imagination the same can't be said of my wallet!


  6. Al,

    For the Montrose figures I'd go for Pig's "Regiment of Foote" rules. These are ideal for smallish actions and are fun and simple. Unlike a lot of pike and musket rules they have easily got round the problems often caused by ratios. Basing doesn't matter much as long as foot and horse bases can be seen as "full" or "half dead". I use 4/2 figures for foot/horse at full and 2/1 figure for half dead. All bases can be the same but you then need wounded markers. I've got these rules if you want a try.