Friday, 24 April 2020

X-Wing: Rebel Rescue / Retrieval / Reward

We played another Star Wars: X-Wing game recently using all three factions - their respective briefings are below:

Rebel Rescue
The plans for a co-ordinated Rebel Alliance assault on Lothal were being taken by courier. To bypass the Imperial blockade of Dantooine you hired Jalon Rixx, a renowned smuggler, to transport the courier to Atollon. Unknown to you at the time the Hutts had put a bounty on Rixx and his ship was attacked by Bounty Hunters en route. Rixx ran for his home base in the asteroid belt around Ord Mantell but the damage to his ship was too severe and it broke up in the belt only seconds after the escape pods were jettisoned. You must rescue your courier and safely retrieve the plans before they fall into Imperial hands...

Rebel Retrieval
ISB agents suspect the Rebel Alliance are using couriers to transport plans between cells. A suspect was identified on Dantooine and a blockade initiated; however, Jalon Rixx, a renowned smuggler, bypassed the blockade. Reports have reached you that the Hutts have put a bounty on Rixx and that his home base is in the asteroid belt around Ord Mantell. Accordingly you have sent a small force to intercept him. But as they jumped into the system they saw Rixx’s ship under attack and it breaking up in the belt only seconds after the escape pods were jettisoned. You must locate the courier and any Rebel plans before the Rebels can rescue them...

Rebel Reward
The Hutts put a bounty on Jalon Rixx, a renowned smuggler, and you managed to track his ship after he slipped past the Imperial blockade at Dantooine. You are not alone in trying to win the bounty and a botched attacked by some Bounty Hunters saw Rixx running for his home base in the asteroid belt around Ord Mantell. But the attack badly damaged his ship and it broke up in the belt only seconds after the escape pods were jettisoned. You have noticed that some Imperial ships have just jumped into the system so there must be more to be gained than just the bounty on Rixx. Clearly the first one to seize the escape pods will be in a wonderful bargaining position...

The rebels and imperials nearly got distracted by each other and allowed the scum a head start on the escape pods. But in the end the rebels secured Jalon Rixx and the scum got the courier - so a trade was agreed.  It was a tense negotiation but they avoided opening fire on each other and an exchange was agreed.

Thursday, 23 April 2020

Late War Chain of Command

We've been playing a few games of Chain of Command at the club recently.  Here are a few pictures from a pick up game using US Infantry and Fallschirmjäger:

Wednesday, 22 April 2020

Skirmish 2019: Second Battle of El Teb, 29th February 1884

Once again I volunteered to put on a game at the Skirmish Show in Sidcup in March last year.

I decided on 28mm again but this time with a colonial theme - the Second Battle of El Teb on 29th February 1884.  Having still not found a set of rules I have been entirely happy with I decided to go a little left field and make some adaptations to the Too Fat Lardies' Sharp Practice black powder set.

Here are a few photos from the game:

Surprisingly enough the rules actually worked quite well and we had a very entertaining game with the Mahdists managing to hold up the square for most of the game but failing to break it.

Tuesday, 21 April 2020

First Play: Battlestar Galactica - Starship Battles

Having a rather large collection of Star Wars: X-Wing miniatures already I was a little hesitant about buying another SF game based on the same DNA (i.e. Wings of War).  But since I really enjoyed the latest TV version I thought what the hell and picked up the starter set for Battlestar Galactica - Starship Battles from Ares Games.

Here are a few photos from our first game:

Whilst it shares some similarities to X-Wing BSG plays sufficiently differently to justify owning both in my opinion.  The representation of inertia in particular is a great addition and allows the game to have a very different feel to X-Wing.

The models are also very well done with the detailing being incredibly good despite being difficult to even see using the naked eye (or perhaps I am just getting old!):

Monday, 20 April 2020

Dux Britanniarum: Raiding a Border Tower

We thought it had been way too long since we had managed to get the Too Fat Lardies' Dark Ages rules, Dux Britanniarum, to the table so we staged a game at the club a little while ago.  Here are some pictures of a Raid on a Border Tower: