Tuesday, 29 March 2016

4Ground 15mm Threshing Barn

I have now added the 15mm Threshing Barn to my 4Ground farmhouse:

The build was pretty straightforward, although the doorframe so we're tricky to separate from the thick sprue and I was surprised there weren't any locating lugs for the roof.

Saturday, 26 March 2016

4Ground 15mm Farmhouse

The next addition to my 4Ground collection is their 15mm farmhouse.

The multi-coloured masonry work did make this a little more fiddly and I am a little out of practice but it was a pretty easy build overall.

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

I'm Back!

Regular readers will have noticed the absence of posts for some months - this was a result of my personal life taking an unplanned and unexpected turn leading to me having to put all my wargaming kit into storage. So now that the Wargame Shed has a new home (albeit that the "Shed" remains metaphorical) and with all my kit out of storage I can get my various projects back on track. In the mean while I have been making a few purchases, mostly books and rules, but also some more buildings to add to my 4Ground collection. So you'll be getting to see/hear about those in due course. I have also been distracted by a potential new project before I've really made proper progress on my current one (so no change there!). But you should be seeing some actual output for my Ronin project and some expansion to my WW2 collection for Chain of Command. My next key goal will be getting back into the habit of posting - so not promises as to a regular frequency but, fingers crossed, the first "real" post will not be far away.