Sunday, 25 September 2011

A quick update

Things have been very quiet on the gaming front as all my spare time is being spent decorating and the like.  I now have most of my gaming kit in the new room in the attic but I am now waiting for some shelving to get it all organised - at which time I will be able to make some more progress.

Lenin is due to visit next month which provides a target date to get everything in order.  I am hoping to get Force on Force to the table (using my Mongrel Soviets and Afghans) along with some Indian Mutiny and my WW2 US figures.  With any luck I should also be able to get some boardgames tried out - so that should provide plenty of material for some future posts...


  1. Decorating

    Tell me about it

    I am in skirting board, bannister and door "Brilliant White" Gloss HELL

    Painting in the wrong scale for sure ;)

    Hope it finishes soon for you :)
    And back to the gaming

  2. Geordie - as you can see from a few of the more recent posts I have put down the big paint brush and picked up some dice at last! Although there is plenty more DIY to come (mind you some of it will be building an extension to my table - so it's not all bad!)