Sunday, 30 June 2013

Quick Update

Work has been manic which combined with coming down with a nasty cold (possibly not entirely unconnected with the former) has meant not much time to make progress on the various projects.  As it is I am slowly progressing the basing on my Montrose horse and commanders but it will be a week or so before I can start posting pictures of those.  In the mean time my Muskets and Tomahawks figures have reappeared and are sitting alongside the Montrose and early WW2 Polish troops on the workbench - so expect updates on those some time around the Montrose ones.  Once I've cleared that lot it will be onto the next phase of French foot for my WSS project.  I'm also hoping to fit in the construction of a few more 4Ground buildings.  That's cramming a lot in given that work isn't likely to calm down for another couple of weeks - so I'm expecting some slippage of this new programme (you've been warned).

Whilst I'm trying to progress all of that I've decided to try a little experiment - I'm going to create separate specific blogs for my current major projects.  Don't panic that doesn't mean I won't be posting about them here!  What these specific sites are intended to do is capture all my material relating to the project and is likely to go into somewhat more detail than I typically do here.  These will take some time to put together with enough material to make them worth a visit - so watch this space.

Right - back to basing...


  1. Look forward to it, Al - good luck with the cold BTW ;)

    1. Thanks Monty. I'd say the cold has outstayed its welcome but it wasn't welcome in the first place!

  2. Replies
    1. Yeah - let's see of this one survives contact with the enemy!

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