Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Broadside 2013

On Sunday I managed to get over to the Milton Hundred Wargames Club show - Broadside 2013 - in Sittingbourne.  I like to get along to support the show, as it's local, but also because it's a great little show.  They manage to attract a decent range of traders (including Warlord Games and Wargames Foundry amongst others) and have a good selection of games.

I arrived about 20 minutes after the show had opened and had a wander around to locate the traders I wanted to throw money at.  Unfortunately one of them had obviously had a change of plan and wasn't there which was a bit of a downer but the others certainly made up for it.  I'll be taking a picture of the loot I did secure separately.

Here are a few photos of some of the games:

An Old West game

AWI (Gravesend Wargames Club)

The Battle of the Boyne (Posties Rejects)

A Sudan game

Denmark 1940 (Deal Wargames Society)

World War 2 game

On Her Majesty's Crooked Service (Crooked Dice)

I also managed to play the Maidstone Wargames Society's Those Magnificent Men in their Floating Machines participation game:

It was a good day to meet up with people too.  Apart from chatting with the Maidstone chaps I had a good old natter with those splendid chaps Ray (Don't throw a 1), Lee (Big Lee's Miniature Adventures) and Fran (The Angry Lurker) at the Rejects' Battle of the Boyne game.  And I was lucky enough to be on hand when Ray was presented with a fantastic gift by Tamsin (Wargaming Girl):

(You'll need to read her post to get the background)  I have no idea how many sittings it must have taken to get such a great likeness (Note to self: Remember to duck the next time I see Ray!).

I also actually got to meet John Lambshead (John's Toy Soldiers) and have a brief chat and John introduced me to John Treadaway (photo courtesy of John):

Copyright 2013 John Lambshead
 And I had a chance to chat with Henry Hyde about his new book and managed to see an early copy - blimey is it a weighty tome!  So all round a good day.


  1. Nice round up Al and good to meet you as always!

  2. It took many sitting actually, I had to scoff more pork pies that I'd care to mention as well!

    1. Ah but it was all worth it wasn't it! :-)

      Good to see your toys on the table - a most impressive collection!

  3. Some cracking photographs Al, I really must try to make this one next year as I like the idea of it being a little less full on as Salute.

    1. Thanks Michael. You should come along it's a good little show with a decent selection of traders and a good bunch of people to chat to. It's certainly at lot less full on than Salute anyway even if you don't get some of the bigger names attending.