Saturday, 15 June 2013

15mm Timber Framed Cottage

I assembled another of my Broadside purchases this morning.  This time it was the 4Ground pre-painted 15mm Timber Framed Cottage from their Renaissance & ECW range. I bought the kit as an experiment as I am thinking of using it for my WSS games and also for additional terrain for Operation Sealion games to make the other buildings a little more like Blighty.

As with the other 4Ground buildings it was very easy to put together.  Here are some photos:

Three sheets of MDF this time (due to the colours)

The finished cottage

With some of my 15mm Black Hat WSS figures

Between two of the 4Ground Europe at War buildings
As you can see it is somewhat smaller than the Europe at War series but that's exactly what I wanted for WSS and the kit is only £8.


  1. I had some of them in my hand at Broadside, gotta say they do look rather nice!!

  2. I'm seriously impressed with the pre-painted versions, I suppose you could always out your mark on them, but looking at at how good this is why bother?

    1. I must admit that I love the convenience of just assembling and putting them on the table. I'm going to concentrate on putting together the additional stuff I need that they don't do (yet!).