Monday, 24 June 2013

MWS Open Day

Apologies for the lack of posts last week.  What between work being manic and preparing for the club open day on Saturday I haven't really had chance to do much else!

In any case I put together a 28mm WW2 game based around the 9th Battalion, 6th Airborne Division on Thursday, 8th June 1944 (two days after D-Day for the uninitiated) and their engagement around the Château St. Côme.  Things didn't go quite historically with the 857th Fortress Infantry Regiment turning out to be a little more formidable that expected (thanks to some legendary dice rolling) but, in the end the Paras managed to fight off a German counter attack and secure the Château.

Here are a few photos from my game:

My table (only 4'x4'!)

German Sentries - in for a surprise!

Paras cover the road to Le Menils Crossroads

Another party of paras approaches

The Germans realise they have visitors

The German counter attack

The Paras are waiting for them

The Germans deploy in the woods
and some photos of some of the other games on the day:

A Typical Day at the Office ... Afghan Style! (Force on Force)

Britain - Around 71AD (Field of Glory)


Return to Skaro!
(More Daleks than I've every seen before!)

War of Spanish Succession


  1. Replies
    1. It was Chris - just a shame we didn't have a few more people through the door - we all enjoyed it though as so too did the visitors (I think!)

  2. Love the look of your game Al and a couple of other crackers on show too.

    1. Thanks Michael - they were all good and one had more Daleks than you can shake a stick at too!