Friday, 7 June 2013

Preparing for another Broadside

Fortunately not in the nautical sense but rather:

I wasn't entirely sure whether I was going to be able to attend Broadside on Sunday as work was looking like it was going to get in the way.  But fortunately deadlines have been moved and so it looks like full steam ahead.

I haven't quite got my shopping list worked out but I have a few things I'm considering getting.  I'm planning to visit Colonel Bills to pick a couple more 4Ground bits and look at some of their custom loads for my cart (thanks for the tip Fran!).  Crooked Dice is next on the list with a possible purchase of their 7th Voyage rules - largely based on the game we played after Salute.  I may look at picking up another KR Multicase to house the early WW2 Polish figures I'm currently basing along with the overspill of other WW2 figures I have dotted around in other places.  Then I may stop off at Products for Wargamers to add to my fences and jungle bits.  And I may well take the chance to pick up some more figures for my Montrose project from Redoubt.  I am also thinking of looking at the Foundry and Warlord stands for figures for other projects too.

All that plus catching up with the usual suspects should keep me busy for the day.  It's a great local show, so if you're going along I'll see you there!