Monday, 24 December 2012

Skirmish Campaigns: Drive on Minsk

The next of Skirmish Campaigns booklets is another one on WW2 but this time it's the eastern front with Russia '41 - Drive on Minsk.  This one is centred on the German invasion of Russian in 1941.

Russia '41 - Drive on Minsk is a 60 page, black and white, staple bound book in US letter format which includes 12 scenarios forming five campaigns.

Anyone who has been following these posts will be familiar with the Skirmish Campaigns structure but for anyone coming in new - it starts with a single page introduction, a two page explanation of the Skirmish Campaigns format, a table detailing how to translate the scenarios to various sets of rules, a strategic map, three pages explaining the 5 campaigns followed by six pages of background history and then the bibliography before moving into the scenarios.

As with the previous two WW2 books this one requires a significant amount of armour if you want to play all the scenarios.  Unfortunately there are no infantry only scenarios this time although a couple do only require armour on one side or the other.   Overall you would need 2-4 x PzKpfw IIc, 2-4 x PzKpfw IIIg, 2 x PzKpfw IVe, 2 x StuG IIIb2 x SdKfz 231, 3-6 x T26, 3 x BT-7, 2 x BA-10, 3 x T34, 2-3 x KV-1, 1 x KV-2, 1 x OT-26 (the ones listed in italics are only needs as variable attachments) along with various trucks etc.  You also need Soviet airborne troops for the final two scenarios.  The scenery is mostly hills, woods and marsh with a few buildings being required.

If you are interested one of the scenarios Armor Clash (sic) is available for download.

I have yet to play any of the scenarios in this book but I am hopeful that I will get some of them to the table eventually.

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