Saturday, 1 December 2012

Liebster Award

After having a rather stressful time at work on top of feeling pretty under the weather it was nice to check back onto the blog and find that no less than three people have nominated me for the (probably now familiar to all of you) Liebster award, they are:

 - Stuart of Dust, Tears and Dice
 - Monty of Monty's Wargaming
 - Geordie of Geordie's Big Battles
Thank you to all of you.

I believe (although the actual origins of the award remain shrouded in some mystery) that the purpose of the award is to help bring attention to blogs with only a few followers (under 200 has been suggested as the threshold) and that, having received the award, I should then nominate some lesser known blogs that should be getting more attention.

Of course that means doing something I really hate which is choosing a few individuals from the rather large set of talented individuals out there.  Given my rather eclectic taste in gaming I follow and have been inspired by quite a few blogs and so choosing 5 seems rather unfair.  So instead I have decided to add a sample of the blogs I follow to the side bar of this one.  Not quite to the letter of the rules but in the spirit I think.