Wednesday, 10 August 2022

Skirmish at Top Malo House


Back in May, and a couple of days before the fortieth anniversary, I ran a 28mm game of the engagement between the Royal Marines Arctic and Mountain Warfare Cadre and elements of the Argentinian 602 Commando Company.

I used the Skirmish Sangin rules as, whilst these were designed for Afghanistan, they were relatively easily adapted to the Falklands and provide a suitably crunchy game for such a small engagement with very low levels of cover.

The scenario was developed from the Mountain Commandos at War in the Falklands: The Royal Marines Mountain and Arctic Warfare Cadre in Action During the 1982 Conflict by Rod Boswell (who commanded the Marines in this engagement).

We ended up playing the scenario twice during the day - here are a couple of pictures from the second round

The main issue, from a gaming perspective, of using Skirmish Sangin for this period is the absence of body armour - so if you get hit you go down.

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