Wednesday, 2 October 2013

The Battle of Susangerd, 16 January 1981

For the final game of the weekend Lenin rolled out his extensive 1/300th modern collection for an Iran-Iraq engagement.  The scenario was originally for GHQ Micro Armour and can be found here.

I took command of the Iraqis - despite being moustache impaired (something which would have severely limited my progress in the Baath party I suspect!) and Lenin the Iranians.

Lenin has chosen Modern Spearhead as, whilst we know it has some weaknesses (not least as a result of the limitations of a d6), we haven't found another set which works.

We both drew our maps and our command arrows and unleashed our armoured forces onto the table.

We both had the advantage of helicopter support - in my case some Hinds - which I managed to use to good effect on their first turn.

And then the Iranians countered with their helicopters!

The game was mostly one of attrition with my T62s and T55 holding their own against the Iranian M60A1s but their Chieftains were another story entirely - they went through my tanks like a hot knife through butter!  Only my single regiment of AMX30s could stand up to them and they didn't last too long.  In the end I had to fall back with my remaining tanks but then the Iranians called in some air support!

In a last ditch effort I eventually managed to call in my air support but it was all over bar the shouting...


  1. Looks a great game, Al - I've always loved micro-armour; don't have a lot, bug love it nonetheless ;)

    1. Thanks Monty - I've managed to resist so far but I am seriously tempted!

  2. Looks great. Would have been interesting to see a map with opposing plans overlaid on top. I really enjoy all three of the SHX rules variants.
    Kind regards

    1. Cheers Robin.

      Mmm... but that would expose our lack of drawing ability!

  3. That takes me back.
    Great AAR.

  4. Great AAR
    That is a gutsy looking battle

    East v West but in the middle east

    1. Thanks Geordie - it certainly mad a change from West Germany!