Monday, 14 October 2013

SELWG 2013

I managed to brave the torrential rain to make my way to the SELWG show at Crystal Palace yesterday.  As with the other shows I attend it was more social than anything else, although more so this year as I realised that adding to the lead mountain now or at Salute next year was going to make precious little difference!

We made a bit of a weekend of it with Lenin popping over and meeting up with a couple of old friends to play a couple of games (which will be the subject of a couple of separate posts - once I get the photos organised).

I bumped into a couple of other bloggers - Ray from Don't Throw a 1 and Fran The Angry Lurker himself - both splendid chaps!  I also caught up with a few club friends.  I didn't actually buy much though - a couple of supplements (The scenario book for Regimental Fire & Fury and Myths & Monsters for 7th Voyage) and a few bits of scenery.

The games were interesting but nothing inspired me to embark on an ill advised spending spree though.  And I didn't like the trade stand layout which created a rather crowed alleyway on the ground floor level.  But other than that it was worth the slightly scary drive up the motorway (I was, at one point, wondering whether I should have brought a boat rather than the car).


  1. Replies
    1. You are a gentleman, sir! Good to see you as always.

  2. Nice to have a chat again Al, and you didn't spend the money on a shock buy either!

  3. I managed to restrain myself for once - although it was a close run thing! Good to chat to you to, Ray.