Thursday, 26 September 2013

First Play: A Few Acres of Snow

A Few Acres of Snow is board/card game covering the French and Indian wars designed by Martin Wallace - a man whose name will be familiar to anyone who is interested in boardgames.

At its heart A Few Acres of Snow is a deck building game - which is a genre I haven't particularly been interested in - with the board being used to show links between locations and who controls them.

The game cleverly uses the deck to simulate the logistical problems of fighting in wilds of North America and Canada (as they became) at the end of a long supply chain which stretched back across the Atlantic.  If you want to settle or attack somewhere you need to plan it carefully in advance!

Lenin and I had a first game of A Few Acres of Snow in between miniatures games with Lenin playing the British and me the French.  It took a little while to really start to see which cards to select and how best to put them together to best advantage.

The game went back and forth with both of us settling new locations but Lenin concentrating more on developing his locations and me on raiding.  It wasn't clear who had actually won until the end of the game and I think both of us would like to play it again now we have an idea how best to put our plans together.

If you would like to know more about the game here's a video review by Marco Arnaudo:


  1. Looks interesting??? Was it expensive?

  2. The RRP is £35 but you can get it on line for around £30 plus p&p.

  3. Replies
    1. It's a nicely presented game Phil and is pretty easy to pick up but will warrant a few games to really get to grips with it I think.

  4. Great post it makes me wonder whether it would be good to form the basis of a miniatures campaign.

    1. Thanks Stuart. Some of the mechanisms are quite abstract and so you'd need to work out how to translate them into something on the table.