Monday, 30 May 2011

The Mutiny: 53rd Foot

Despite having to pack up my room to put the house on the market, I have still been managing to make a little progress with my various projects. I just finished basing my second unit for the Indian Mutiny - the 53rd (Shropshire) Regiment of Foot - who took part in the relief of Lucknow and earned some 5 VCs during the Mutiny. The figures are from Mutineer Miniatures. Apologies for the photos - they were taken in a bit of a rush!


  1. That's what I call dedication, house all packed up and your still painting, nice one!! The photos look fine to me and so do the figures.

  2. I was worried about whether red coats with red facings would work out Ok but they have turned out pretty nicely. Next up will be some Mutineer opposition!