Tuesday, 21 February 2012

The Last Argument of Kings

I spotted a copy of this Black Powder supplement recently.  It covers the 18th Century and, whilst Black Powder isn't my favourite ruleset, I was sure it would make interesting reading and might help inspire me to progress my 15mm Marlburians.

This is a softback book but is still very nicely presented in an otherwise similar style to the main rulebook.  At 112 pages all in it has main sections on the War of the Spanish Succession, the Great Northern War, the War of the Austrian Succession, the Jacobite rebellions, the Seven Years War, the wars in the colonies and some raids and invasions.  Each major section has some background, an outline of the armies and personalities involved (with associated army lists and special rules) and a battle scenario.  The scenarios cover Blenheim, Holowczyn, Petrovaradin, Fontenoy, Hundorf and Ackia along with a campaign for the 1745 Rebellion.

As with the main rules the text is interspersed with some lovely eye candy and the occasional interesting nuggets in sidebars.

I found it a very interesting read but obviously your mileage may vary and the rather handsome price tag (£18) is certainly going to put many off though.


  1. Prices of rules have gone mad recently, but £18 isn't that bad?

  2. I suppose it depends on your benchmark - it is only a supplement - particularly when you can get the hardback rules for a similar price when discounted at Amazon.

    I must admit that when you get over about £15 I start thinking it's expensive but then I am getting old and can remember when you could buy a paperback book for under a quid!