Saturday, 3 April 2010

Workbench Update

Just finished some 28mm Perry Mahdists for my Sudan game:

along with some 28mm Musketeer VBCW Militia (although you may spot some Anglian/Empress figures thrown in too):


  1. Nice kit Al

    I especially like the VBCW characters!

  2. Hi
    Unrelated to this post, I noticed that back in Feb 09 you purchased (and blogged on) some Snapdragon revetments. I'm in need of just a few for a demo game planned for July and wondered (on complete off-chance) if you had any spare to sell? I can't get them from the guy who's stopped casting it sems. Would be happy to use any of them.
    many thanks.
    yours hopefully,

  3. Simon,

    Unfortunately I only bought enough revetments for me to use for a series of Winter War scenarios. I am in the process of painting them but am carrying out some trials to see which approach works best. So, in short, I'm afraid I haven't any I would want to let go.

    There are some other alternatives depending on what your game is. I've looked at the injection moulded stuff from Amera or there are pre painted sections from Tablescape which might be suitable?