Friday, 16 April 2010

Wargames Weekend: Viareggio

For our next game Lenin had converted a scenario from the Final Combat Medal of Honor Skirmish Scenarios Volume 1 to allow us to play it with our preferred WW2 skirmish rules, Nuts!.  In this case based on the engagement for which Vernon J Baker was awarded the Medal of Honor.

We normally play the Nuts! rules without any "Stars" as we have found that these can dominate and unbalance the game; however, when you are dealing with remarkable individuals, as in this instance, we thought this would be a good opportunity to have the hero represented as a Star.

In this scenario I took control of the German forces with the objective of counter attacking the US troops before they had a chance to reorganise themselves.

Even though I had two sections each with an MG34 team and various automatic weapons I initially found it difficult to pin down the US troops so that I could advance from my starting positions.  Lt. Baker played a the major part in keeping our heads down as he was never Outgunned.  He also put quite a few of my men Out of the Fight.  As the US troops started to withdraw I eventually managed to get one of my sections to advance across the table and started to give the Americans some trouble.  One of my groups fell on one of their teams retrieving the wounded and pinned them down.  But then Lt. Baker appeared and the balance changed.

In the end the Americans managed to get most of their men away after having given the Germans a bit of a pasting.

On the whole including the Star was a success; however, I think making Lt. Baker Rep 6 probably made him a little too powerful and in future we would probably have the Star as a lower Rep.  It was clear though that the use of Stars needs to be sparing as it could easily unbalance the game and lose the great feel which was what attracted us to the rules in the first place.

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