Saturday, 17 April 2010

Peter Cushing - The Wargamer

British Pathe - PETER CUSHING
- Watch more Videos at Vodpod.


  1. Nice clip Al :)

    I certainly have a bit more respect for those old Hammer Horror actors!

    If he were around today it would be Pulp Fiction, Gothic Horror and

  2. That is a gem of a video for sure! I inspires me to have a closer look at those old rules... But I think the crowning moment of that video is when he kneels on the ground, pulls out a cigarette, sticks it in his mouth and lights it! You don't see that quality imagery much these days!

    good stuff,

  3. A veteran actor from hammer films. Now become a war gamer. How exciting!

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  4. I agreed with you Nel. I watched the videos and it was so great. I wanted to see more videos as well.

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  5. Yes, the veteran actor from Hammer Films. Keep on updating this post! Love to watch more videos

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  6. Yeah an actor of horror films now become a war gamer it is really true? I love it !

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