Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Artizan - More Armed Bobbies

Artizan Designs have added some more armed police to their Thrilling Tales range:

Since I picked up a set of their rifle armed chaps I must add these...


  1. These look a versatile buy, I can even see them fighting Cybermen with the Dr. or perhaps even German invasion of Jersey and Guernsey in 1940 or helping liberation in 1945!

  2. The uniforms are definitely pre-50's as that's when the open collar came in I believe

  3. I've just ordered a unit of these and a unit of the rifle-armed officers for use with my British Revolution/Civil War game. They're great little sculpts and i'm increasingly falling in love with their other ranges too (I've just got into their WWII Brit Paras!)

    Two of my blogs may be of interest to you and perhaps you'd like to follow them:


  4. Consul, I have been using the Musketeer RUC figures (from their IWI range) up until now but the helmets are pretty compelling - I believe both sets of figures were sculpted by Paul Hicks so they should mix well.

    Your pre-WWI revolution blog looks interesting (it's something I was wondering about after Andrew Marr's History of Modern Britain was on) so I'll be following with interest!

  5. I saw that the other day too and was fascinated. I thought "why is nobody gaming this?!"

    It's a period in history I know very little about but from what the programme said, tensions really were high and anything could have happened!

    I was also relieved to see from the archive footage that the uniforms are the same as the ones available from Musketeer (I've ordered some of their WWI Infantry for the government forces and IRA and Workers militia to act as the Workers' Police or other rebel forces.

    Thank you for following my blog. It sounds like Musketeer is on a bit of a go-slow at the minute so I wont be expecting my figures anytime soon! My paints have already arrived so I should be able to get on with them when they arrive.


  6. I understand Musketeer have recently moved and have been having a few problems getting re-set up (including internet issues). I have dealt with them several times and have had very good service so I'd give them a little slack if you can.

    I have some of their BEF, IRA and RUC for IWI (I have a previous post covering a game we played a little while ago). I also have their BUF and some other BCW figures (some still WIP) for 1938.

  7. I had a good browse of their forum before placing an order and, aware of their difficulties, still placed an order. Atleast now i've been able to factor the delay into my expectations. I'm not home for another month anyway so they may beat me there!

    I had a good trawl through your blog yesterday when I stumbled across it on Figoblogotheque and have bookmarked a few of the posts for future reference.