Monday, 6 February 2012

Wargames Weekend: Tomorrow's War

Our second game of the weekend was a first outing for Osprey and Ambush Alley's Tomorrow's War rules (TW). This gave us both a chance to dust off some Denizen and GZG 25mm SF figures and see how TW differs from Force on Force.
The backstory was that a planet was trying to break away from the Galactic Empire and Imperial troops had been sent to make them change their minds. I took command of the Rebels, who were defending part of one of their space ports with Lenin commanding the Imperial troops. My troops were armed and armoured pretty conventionally whilst Lenin had power armoured troopers with Chameleon camouflage.
The Imperial troops advanced through the light wood towards the perimeter of the landing area and one of their squads spotted a squad of Rebel troops scanning the area from an emplacement. The Imperials immediately opened fire and the Rebels, taken by surprise, were decimated; however, the firing not only alerted another Rebel squad but also gave them a target to aim for. A couple of the Imperials went down to the Rebel heavy weapons and the Imperials ceased fire to avoid giving themselves away. This on and off fire fight continued until the Rebels brought up their reserve squad and concentrated their fire which forced the Imperials to fall back.
On the other flank the second Imperial squad wasn't fairing much better. Their initial attack had less impact and so a similar firefight began with the Rebels eventually getting the upper hand.

With the remaining Imperial troops withdrawing the day went to the Rebels.

Once we got back into the swing of things the rules played out reasonably well. Of course our first issue was working through actions, interruptions and reactions between a set of troops in Chameleon suits with advanced sensors and some hidden opposition!

The key thing we did learn was that we needed more space with 25mm figures (we were only playing on a 6x4' table. Next time we'll be trying it on my new, larger 8x6' table (or if either of us decide to start a new project - doing it in 15mm!)


  1. That looks like tremendous fun, hugely envious of your Eagle Transport.

  2. It was fun and a nice chance to get some old figures out again. Unfortunately the Eagles aren't mine - they're Lenin's - he managed to get them when they were a more sensible price on eBay!

  3. The "Eagle" is an all time classic


    I cannot say anymore as I am in rapture (other than I want one)

  4. The "Eagle" is the best ever space transport, "Space 1999" again brilliant

    Cannot say anything more as I am in rapture

    (Other than "I want one too")