Wednesday, 7 April 2010

More VBCW from Musketeer

Musketeer Miniatures have announced some more figures for their Inter-war range which should be released soon:

Civilians (planned for Triples apparently):

I suspect I'll be picking these sets up if I can as they will be useful for Sealion too.

Plus BCW standard bearers (no date as yet):


  1. They look great - just what we needed. Would have preferred some more action poses though.


  2. You'll have the hob-nailed bearded paratrooper nuns already I trust!

    Nice addition with as you say with lots of potential

  3. Hello Al,

    A more modern take on a hypothetical ECW is running on this blog:

    It's also got a nice picture of a Chieftain Tank in an Urban Camo scheme

  4. I'm afraid I haven't got the unconvincing nuns figures Geordie.

    Nice spot on that blog - it's an interesting idea which might allow an alternative use for my BAOR and Royal Marines figures I have!

  5. Yes, the modern ECW blog is a funny one as clever use of the pictures makes it feel historically like "1970's to 1980's"

    Like you said it would be a nice scenario for old BAOR figures. One to divide the Exiles into pro and con factions ;)