Tuesday, 4 February 2014

WSS: Régiment Dauphin - Cavalerie

Clearly my French forces needed some cavalry support so the next addition to the project is a squadron of French horse from the Régiment Dauphin - Cavalerie.

The figures are from Black Hat and the flag is from Maverick Models.


  1. Great looking figures and flags for your WSS stuff. I also like your Polish cammand for WWII. I've always heard good things about Fire & Fury. Besides the scale are the Brigade and Regimental versions that different?

    1. Thanks Sean. Fire and Fury (Brigade level) have been my go-to rules for ACW for many years. Whilst the Regimental level rules retain a lot of the original they have made some significant changes in the way some of the mechanisms work which, along with the greater granularity for weapons etc. mean that they do play differently (although no so much that you don't recognise them).