Sunday, 3 June 2012

2012 Plan Update

Back at the beginning of January I posted an outline of my plans for this year.  As we are now into June I thought I would have a look at what, if any, progress I have made against my new year intentions!  Taking things in the order I originally outlined them:

28mm Mahdist War - as you may have seen from my various posts I have completed the first phase (the Suakin Campaign) of this project with the small exception of some rough stone walls - something I hope to start during the long weekend.  I decided to put the next phase (Khartoum) on hold for the moment (although it is still on the possible list for some purchases at SELWG - some bazingers, baggara horse and a few more Nile arabs). Of course one of the big elements I need to work out is how to do the walls and other defences - although an attack from the river is something I can probably do with the terrain I already have...

28mm Indian Mutiny - again I have been slowly progressing this one as can be seen from the various posts; however, I was going to put this on hold for a little while - at least until I went to Salute and picked up some Naval Brigade and more irregular figures.  These are currently sat on my workbench waiting for me to organise them into a pack to send to be painted.  I suspect I will add a few more figures before they go so it may be a little while before they are actually finished.  Plus I am keeping my eye on the Mutineer Miniatures site as there are some upcoming packs which would help me do some particular scenarios I have in mind.

28mm WW3 - with the sole exception of making and painting my BTR this project has come along nicely and the BAOR and Soviets are exactly where I had planned.  Lenin and I have agreed to stop calling this period "Moderns" as it really isn't any more and now refer to it as "Cold War".  I am currently going through the relevant Force on Force supplement for scenario ideas (as some of them as way out of my reach and budget!)

28mm Early War Polish - I have picked up a couple more packs to make up a platoon of these chaps but I would quite like to give them some armour support, well armour-lite anyway, in the shape of a TK tankette - unfortunately Warlord hadn't brought any to Salute so I couldn't get one there.  I am currently working out where in the painting schedule these guys will best fit.

15mm Marlburian - the first batches of Allied and French forces are currently being painted and I picked up the next batches at Salute so these need tidying up and organising (plus a little more research to choose units etc).  I am currently in the throws of trying to choose which rules I will use for them.  The candidates are Beneath the Lily Banners, Ga Pa, Maurice and Lace Wars at the moment.  Having now read them all I can see each has their own advantages and disadvantages and it may be that I actually end up using more than one set to suit the type of game I want.  In any event I need to decide how I am going to base up the figures and am currently thinking that the BLB approach looks best and can be made to work with all four sets.

28mm Montrose - I am currently in the process of rebasing these figures after their long hibernation!  I am basing them individually and going to use movement trays - the same Warbases ones I use for my Tudor Ireland figures - as this gives flexibility and is much easier for storage, particularly for the pikemen.  I hope to have the first batch finished shortly.  Initially I think I will be using the For God, King and Country rules but Bloody Kingdom from AB One is also a possibility.

25mm French Revolution - OK, so for my first "no progress" report.  I'm afraid this project hasn't moved on at all from January.  The main excuse is that I haven't decided on what I'm going to use for the street terrain - I have some suitable houses but I really don't have any tiles or cloths which look right and I haven't spotted a sensibly priced option yet.

28mm RCW/WW1 Eastern Front - once again "no progress" I'm afraid plus there's not really any excuse for this one - other than I have been working on other things!

So that's an update on the projects I listed in January.  In addition to those I have done a little work on some others.  I based up some more of my 15mm Peter Pig WW2 figures and painted some armour to use with the latest version of I Ain't Been Shot Mum (mainly for a game in February).  I have also finished some 28mm British Paras which I am currently working out a scenario for so I can get them to the table.  But other than that things have been pretty quiet - not least due to the seemingly endless re-decorating required in the "new" house (not made any easier by a recurring leak!)

My list of possible new projects has, of course, grown in addition to the three I mentioned in January I have been distracted by a couple more:
  • 28mm Modern Afghanistan
  • 28mm Maori Wars
  • 28mm Carlist Wars
  • 28mm Medieval (Otterburn or Agincourt - not decided as yet!)
  • 6mm WW2
So that lot should keep me busy!


  1. Ha! Yes - I can only imagine that list of projects will keep you very busy! At the least you seem far more capable of getting these done than I - my minis are still waiting forlornly for base coats!



    1. Giles

      Too many ideas and not enough time or money!

      If it makes you feel any better the Montrose figures I am currently working on I have had for nearly 15 years!


  2. I keep making the mistake of referring to Cold War as 'Moderns' too... even the Falklands is thirty years ago... the same time gap as from the end of the Second World War to my first real wargames...

    1. Scary isn't it! I'm currently having a debate with Lenin as to whether the Falklands really counts as Cold War or whether its a period in its own right.

  3. Blimey that lot would keep me busy for about 2 years!!!! BLB2's the way to go for your 15mm Malburian's!
    Please get rid of the capcha on your blog, Its driving me up the wall!

    1. I have BLB1 which is amongst the candidates - if it works well I'll consider stumping up the £27 for the second edition!

      Sorry about the captcha - I had a spate of spam a while ago and switched it on and then forgot about it!