Friday, 23 December 2011

Lardies Xmas Special - Out Now!

After a little longer a wait than normal (but it looks like it was worth it!) the TooFatLardies have released their Christmas special.

The price has gone up slightly to £6 but with the pdf weighing in at 122 pages I think it's still pretty good value if you are into Lardies games.  The run down this year is:

  • The sinking of the Konigsberg - A scenario for Bag the Hun
  • On Patrol- A complete pre-game patrol system for I Ain’t Been Shot Mum
  • A Brief Affair - An Australian attack on a German held Pacific Island in 1914 with Through the Mud and the Blood
  • An A to Z of Umpiring - The dos and don’ts of running games
  • One off Battles for Le Feu Sacre - Some pick up Napoleonics games
  • Green Hill Moonshine - A scenario for Terrible Sharp Sword ACW rules
  • Deadly Pairs - A Bag the Hun scenario for Normandy 1944.
  • Passchendaele, The Bitter Victory - Sidney Roundwood looks at this epic battle and how it shaped the face of warfare
  • In the Salient - Three Scenarios for gaming Passchendaele
  • 6mm LOVES IABSM - Why 6mm is the perfect scale for IABSM?
  • Across the Nemen - A Barbarossa scenario
  • Messing Around with Boats - Rating ships for Kiss Me Hardy
  • Operation Charnwood - The background to this remarkably little gamed operation to capture Caen
  • A Fresh and Highly Trained Instrument - A complete Operation Charnwood mini-campaign for I Ain’t Been Shot Mum
  • The Capture of Akhalkalak Fortress - A scenario for Sharp Practice set on the borders of Russia and the Ottoman Empire
  • Sniper! - Some alternative sniper rules for IABSM
  • Bridge over the River Urk - A Partisan scenario for IABSM
  • The Roundwood Report - An interview with Richard Clarke on the future for TooFatLardies
  • Get Fondler - A gritty Sharp Practice scenario set in Gateshead?
  • May Madness - A scenario for Bag the Hun above the Dunkirk perimeter in 1940

Quite a packed issue as usual and certainly worth a look!


  1. Sounds a bundle of fun

    I'll have to check their games systems out!

  2. The Lardies' rules are generally card based and so won't work well for club evening games but I like them for 2-4 players - particularly I Ain't Been Shot Mum! and Sharp Practice.