Saturday, 17 December 2011

John and the Buttocks of Buddha

I managed to get down to the club again last week and had an interesting game of Italian Wars using Impetus.  I had some cavalry, mounted crossbow and some arquebusiers and my orders were to hold the left flank whilst Crazy Dave punched through on the right and rolled up their flank.  It sounded like a good plan until Ben arrived and took command of the troops in the village right in Dave's way.  Needless to say the attack got somewhat bogged down and, whilst I whittled away at the troops over the river, my cavalry took plenty of casualties and when the enemy reinforcements arrived things took a turn for the worse.  It was at this point that John revealed that he has the buttocks of a god ...

... unfortunately they're Buddha's ...

no idea when he's going to let him have them back!


  1. Reminds me of "kelly's Heroes" crazy radio talk ... I think I understand and followed it (and maybe can put faces to names, apart from Crazy Dave), but then again I might just be "losing my mind" .. cue Death to the Pixies 'Fight Club' sound track

  2. They're not mutually exclusive!! :-)