Monday, 19 December 2011

Extending the Gaming Table

Today I have mostly been designing and building an additional 2 foot section for my gaming table.  I have only completed the first of the two sections and am now feeling rather old as I'm completely knackered now!

The reason it's a little more complicated than the main table is this part needs to perform double duty - as a workbench and a storage unit.  This allows me to keep some spare space in the games room when I don't need thr larger table - plus it allows me to put the workspace in the window alcove so I can get some proper daylight when I am working.

The design is basic and functional rather than pretty (largely due to my complete lack of woodworking skills - I did German at school instead - not much use when making basic furniture!).  But once it's all finished I can finally get the last boxes unpacked and the games room organised.


  1. The "Man Cave" or is the "Man Lab"?

    I eagerly await developments such as your wife admiring your handiwork and commenting

    "What about my shelves?"

  2. I prefer Henry Hyde's the Loftwaffe!

    Having learned from previous experiences, I made sure I did the shelves first!

  3. lol

    Good "learned experience" showing here

    I am impressed