Friday, 5 March 2010

Quick Project Update

I've been working on progressing a few of my projects over the last couple of weeks although I have been getting a little distracted by possible new ones!

28mm Sudan
The Perry figures have turned out very nicely and I am in the process of basing them up on some pre-cut MDF bases from East Riding Miniatures (excellent service from them BTW). I have British infantry, some Egyptians, a Gardiner gun (with Naval crew) and a screw gun. The Mahdists are mostly Beja with a small unit of Nile Arabs. Now I have them all on the workbench it is clear I will have to expand the Mahdists in order for them to be properly intimidating!

I do, however, have enough for a game in a few weeks. Which will also allow me to get my Colonial Steamboat buildings and Nile steamer out.

28mm A Very British Civil War
I have just finished basing up my new Musketeer militia and I plan to take a few photos once I have a standard worked out for the workers. I have a new scenario planned and just need to write it up and paint one more vehicle for that to be ready. I also managed to get a couple more IRA with shotguns done at the same time.

28mm Spanish Civil War
I now have my additional Anglian (now Empress) Republican militia riflemen based up along with the Republican and Nationalist regular army figures. I just need to finish off the two HMGs and I'll pretty much have the SCW project in its final state (or as final as any of them get). Of course there's still the CTV...

28mm Early WW1
I have the additional 8 Renegade Germans in improvised gas masks and the final Maxim finished so that's pretty much the early period completed. I suspect I may want a few more French or Brits for particular scenarios but that would be exceptional.

28mm Late WW1
My Brigade Games and Scarab French figures are currently on the workbench nearly finished along with the Brigade Germans. I picked up the Scarab figures as Brigade didn't do VB grenade launchers but almost as soon as I had bought them Brigade brought their own ones out! In any case whilst I do prefer the Brigade sculpts, the Scarab figures mix in pretty well. Once they're finished I'll post a few photos to demonstrate. Just the trenches to sort out now...

28mm Early WW2
I have now got my Crusader French based up with the exception of the Hotchkiss and crew and the Foundry and Crusader Germans are on the workbench. I plan to convert a scenario from The Face of Battle scenario book Act with Daring, The Invasion of France: 1940 to our regular WW2 ruleset Nuts!

28mm Dahomey
The French Foreign Legion and native figures for this arrived from Dixon and so this has been promoted to a new Stage although it will be a few months before they are likely to hit the table.

28mm Sahara
I collected the additional figures I needed from Redoubt at the Cavalier show and these, combined with my Colonial Steamboat fort and buildings should give me the flexibility I need for quite a variety of scenarios.

Possible New Projects
The latest new figures from Brigade Games are making me think I might branch out in to Napoleon in Egypt. The preview pictures they have posted make the figures look superb and that's usually all the encouragement I need!

I have also been looking at the Artizan WW2 French range and considering branching out into the Mediterranean theatre of WW2 but coming it at it from the French perspective. It would allow me to use the figures for both North Africa (and those Colonial Steamboat buildings yet again - I'm hoping to get a good return from that "investment") but also Sicily, Corsica and Italy which may allow me to get away with some of my Peninsular buildings too.

Of course now I just need to work out how I'm going to store them all!


  1. That's a lot of projects! Great choices too I might add. If I could just stop buying WW2 minis then I'd start one or two of these.

  2. Those don't include others I have in various stages like WW2 Eastern Front, RCW and French Revolution (largely because I haven't done anything to report on recently!).

    I do keep returning to WW2 but I like to look for something a little different to the usual 1944 Normandy approach. I am gathering some stuff for a series of Dieppe games too which will be different.