Saturday, 20 March 2010

Les Poilus

Here are a few pics of my 28mm late WW1 French. The figures are most Brigade Games with a few from Scarab Miniatures thrown in.

Here are most of them (but with the VB grenade launchers and grenadiers missing):
a close up:
some comparisons of Brigade and Scarab figures. Here are the NCOs (Scarab, Brigade, Scarab):
and now some infantry, alternating from left to right, Brigade then Scarab:
I have posted some larger photos in a Picasa album:
Late WW1 French


  1. Love the figures! Excellent paint work too.


  2. Fantastic work. Seeing stuff like this makes it so difficult to stay focused on my WW2 stuff.

  3. Thanks chaps!

    Sorry about that Timbo - staying focused is one of my biggest problems too! I am often off thinking about an entirely different project seconds after I have clicked the buy button!