Sunday, 14 March 2010

Distracted Again!

Whenever I have a small amount of spare time, not enough to really get into any of my main books, I often dip into one or two of my reference books. This is a mistake! All I manage to do is generate new ideas for projects. Here are the latest ones (fortunately all Stage 0 at the moment!):

The revolution in Syria against the French is another obvious opportunity to use my desert terrain and also expand my range of French Foreign Legion periods.

I need to do some more research on this one but it would seem the upcoming Woodbine Design figures or the Artizan Foreign Legion may well be suitable. The Artizan Arab irregular figures should also be appropriate.

I would probably just start this off as a skirmish sized project with an initial "investment" of 20-30 figures a side but, if it shows promise, I might move up from there.

28mm Rif War
In actual fact I have been considering this one for some time, initially as a possible additional use for the Spanish Foreign Legion and Moroccan Regulares figures from my Spanish Civil War project.

The key issue is finding suitable Riffians. Rif Raf are the obvious choice but I have yet to see any pictures of their figures against anyone else's. My main concern is that, whilst a good sculptor, Richard Ansell tends toward the smaller end of 28mm. The other main alternative is Askari but with the worsening exchange rate this may be an expensive option!

I am also wondering about this as being another possible use for French Foreign Legion figures too.

28mm Sudan
Not strictly a new project but rather an expansion of an existing one (but under my rules it counts as a new project or else I would never be able to count any projects as finished!). My initial foray into this period (in 28mm anyway) is turning out pretty well and the Perry figures are excellent. So I am thinking about adding to them. Of course the key question is which direction to go...

Anyone else noticing a distinct theme here?


  1. Game on Al I like your style :)

    Interesting hidden spots in history!

    Meanwhile up North I have half the IJN and USS in 1/3000 in silver lead crammed into cubbie holes and the like, and I cannot find time at the moment to paint them

  2. Great stuff Al, post some pics of you FFL would you?

  3. Geordie - ooohh 1/3000 naval eh? Which rules are you planning to use?

    Al - I'm in the process of rebasing some of my Beau Geste period FFL figures and will post some pics when those are finished (they're a little way down the list after Sudan and WW1 at the mo)

  4. Hello Al,

    I have other naval rules, but I keep coming back to GQ2

    Although I was given a look at GQ3 by a friend I thought (as others have since said) it has gone in the "wrong direction"

    The main interest in the Pacific is a campaign based system (old Avalon Hill games here are a boon)

    Getting the time to do anything is a pain at the moment. I did manage to file some lead off the Yamato last night ;)