Sunday, 8 March 2009

Salute Preparation

With the cost of entry to Salute getting ever higher I have put my various pre-orders in to ensure that I am saving more in postage than it costs me to get in.

Unfortunately some of the traders who have been at the show in previous years are absent but there still seems to be just enough to make it worth going.

The other key factor is that it is one of the few shows where I will be able to catch up with a decent number of people I wouldn't get to see otherwise. I am hoping that there will be some games there which may provide the inspiration which has been missing from other shows but who knows.

I am keen to see the TooFatLardies game using their new WW1 rules (which I hope to see on Monday) as we are hoping these will fill the niche for the next game size up from Nuts!

The Assault on Innsmouth game should also provide some interest as I have been a long time Lovecraft fan and still have plans of putting such a game together myself (although on a somewhat more modest scale I suspect!).

There are a few other games which, from the very brief descriptions on the Salute site, do sound interesting so combined with the social side it should be a worthwhile trip. Plus the DLR is working this year which should make it all a lot easier!


  1. I am still havering about Salute this year. I have supported the show ever since its Kensington town hall days but I am having to think long and hard about the price.

    Tickets for my wife and me - £22.
    Diesel for the car - £10
    Parking - £8
    Refreshments - £10

    That's £50 down before I buy a single model.

    That's a lot of postage.


  2. Fortunately I have the transport covered so it's just the entry price and lunch so not quite as much of an expense. I suspect if it wasn't for meeting up with old friends I might think twice myself though...