Saturday, 28 March 2009

Salute 09 Round Up

Just back from the show and pretty tired but I thought I'd post my thoughts.

The show was pretty well attended but it seemed a little quieter than last year and it also seemed there were a few less traders. These are just my impressions, of course.

Fortunately the DLR was working this year but the Jubilee line was partially closed so I'm sure some people had a less than ideal journey.

The queuing arrangements were reasonably well organised as usual (certainly better than that year we all had to go up the first floor in Olympia 12 at a time in the lift before getting to the Q-Buster entrance). The Q-Buster queue got in a little earlier than the main line as usual and it was pretty lucky for me as (and apologies those who have already heard this more than once!) I went straight to one stand and bought their entire stock of WW1 barbed wire (they only had 10 - and had an offer of a discount if you bought 10). Lenin also found a number of traders who hadn't bought stuff he wanted to buy at all. This sort of thing always puzzles me and in the end can only help discourage people from going to the show.

I managed to pick up all my pre-orders, a few other bits a pieces and then had plenty of time to catch up with lots of old friends from around the country. The general consensus was that the show was pretty much as usual but there wasn't anything that was particularly inspiring.

I watched the TooFatLardies Through the Mud and the Blood game (it was a participation game but I really wanted to see how it was run and would have been pretty distracted if I'd actually been playing) and I'm now very keen to get it to the table.

I had a good chat with Dave from Grand Manner and Nigel from Anglian and took the chance to thank both of them for their excellent products and service.

There were a few nice looking games (I'll post some pictures once I've had a chance to upload them to Picasa) and fur seems to be the in thing for grass, crops etc. I did notice a couple I had seen before (which considering how few shows I attend was a little disappointing).

It was certainly worth me going but I can understand those who would have had to shell out a lot more (parking alone was £12!) not attending.


  1. I didn't make it this year.
    I am still realing at £12 to park. Along with 2 tickets, that would be £34 just for enty!!!!!!

  2. I can see that would be a pretty decent amount of postage! Given that some vendors are not bringing all their ranges to shows now and some only bring a very small stock, and with eBay taking some of the best Bring and Buy items it does seem like the shows are going to find it harder and harder to keep the numbers up.

  3. I was slightly disapointed at Salute this year. I go quite a lot and decided to take my two mates (who only know about games workshop products) to see if we could buy up some scenery, dice and other little goodies.

    We all came away a little disappointed. There were only 3 stands selling any kind of pre made scenery (last year I remember many more stands), hardly any one had their resin bases (black cat bases put theirs all jumbled up in drawers) and the bring and buy didn't seem to have anything this year that I even remotely toyed with the idea of buying.

  4. It's always a shame to have travelled all the way to a show (and shelled out the entry fee) only to come away disappointed. I'm trying to make sure I pre-order stuff for each show so that I know it's not going to be a wasted trip.

    I must admit that a number of the traders I used to rely on have stopped going to Salute for various reasons - not least the cost for them.