Saturday, 28 March 2009

A Pint of IPA and a Dice Chaser

I managed to get along to the club on Thursday and had a 15mm game of Franks vs Byzantines. I had the Hrul mercenaries in the centre, who had had a bit of a spat with the Byzantine CinC and weren't keen to participate in the upcoming battle. Fortunately that was sorted out and just as we were getting ourselves sorted out the Franks arrived in an enormous wedge.

So there I am in disorder in the camp right in the middle of the Byzantine line with the point of the Frankish wedge heading straight for me. Anyone with normal dice luck would have got formed up pretty sharpish but not me. Despite the best efforts of the rest of our army I was still in disorder in the camp when the Franks charged in. I might have had more time if they hadn't been so focussed but with Iron Mike commanding them there really wasn't much chance of that!

It was about this time that poor old Gav (our CinC and he of the luxury painting shed) had a little extra appear in his beer as I was passing the dice to Eric the Spy.

Fortunately when the Franks came into contact my luck flipped and I managed to drive them off. So, as per usual, I then had to go leaving to the rest to ensure we didn't snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

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