Monday 29 January 2024

Star Wars Armada

At the weekend I ventured down to the club and we played a simple points based game of Star Wars Armada.

As is traditional I played Imperial and had a 400 point fleet based around one Imperial class and two Victory class Star Destroyers with two fighter squadrons each (TIE fighters for the small ships and TIE interceptors for the larger).

My opposition adopted a different strategy having more smaller ships and lots more fighters.

Having not played for a little while I made some fundamental tactical errors with my fighters early on and they took a pasting as a result.  Then the capital ships came into range.  The Rebels tried to use their greater speed and manoeuvrability to evade my main front batteries but I got enough salvoes into the destroy two of their ships. And whilst one of my Victory class ISDs had taken quite a bit of damage they couldn't bring enough resources to bear to finish it off before the end of the game.

Here are a couple of photos from the game:

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