Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Happy New Year!

I hope you all had a great Christmas and New Year and that Santa brought you all that you wanted.

I had intended to do a post looking back at my planned projects for last year; however, since I didn't really set out what I had planned (and had been pretty useless at posting about them) I think it's best to gloss over that and look forward.

So what am I working on this year?  Well figure-wise, in no particular order of priority:

15mm Marlburian
I am currently basing up some Danes and French Allies so they should be ready to see the table early in the year.  Once they're done that gives me 18 battalions of foot a side with a slightly larger number of squadrons of horse.  I am thinking of another phase to include Imperials and Bavarians but that's at a very early stage so probably won't see the light of day until next year.

15mm ACW
I am waiting for my New York Militia units to come back from the painter (hopefully this month) which will increase by Union force by about a further third.  I now need to plan a similar expansion for my Confederates.

15mm Mexican Adventure
With the Imperial forces already with my painter, I am currently assembling my Republicans.  I am hoping that these will hit the table in the second half of the year using the Zouave II rules.

15mm WW1 Eastern Front
I have painted and based a Division as side for the Austro-Hungarians and Russians so far.  I have a further Division a side in various stages at the moment and I picked up some Germans at SELWG for the next phase of this project.  My main problem is painting in the winter as the light isn't good and I have real trouble painting by artificial light (including day light bulbs, in case you were wondering).  Once these are all done, the plan is to move from the Eastern Front to the Western with the Germans doing double duty and a chance to paint so pantalons rouge!

15mm Wars of the Roses
I bought the figures for this project some time ago but I still have to finish the research for the colour schemes.  I really need some inspiration to move this project from the back burner but hopefully this will be their year!

28mm Sudan
The next phase of my Sudan project is going to be focussed on Khartoum but allowing me to also play some earlier engagements.  I have picked up most of the figures I need from the Perrys along with some suitable walls and boats so I am hoping this will make some serious progress this year.

28mm VBCW
It's a while since these figures saw the table so I have picked up a few more to try to get this moving again.

28mm WW2
I am planning to increase the number and variety of the various support options for my Chain of Command forces this year.  So expect so see some more vehicles, anti-tank guns and engineers featuring in games later on in the year.

28mm Crusades
I picked up some horse and foot archers to expand my Saracen forces as I really didn't have enough.  Of course these will need to go off to the painter in order to match my existing collection - so probably won't see the table until much later in the year.

28mm Dark Ages
Along with some much needed rebasing and weapons replacements (my collection has a lot of the original soft Gripping Beast weapons), I have picked up some more Vikings but these are a little down the queue at the moment.

28mm WW1 / RCW
I am really hoping to be inspired in order to get these two projects moving forward again as I do have a number of figures for both...

28mm Napoleonic Peninsular War
I am currently in the throes of rebasing my entire Peninsular War collection to prepare for some games of Sharp Practice II - so expect to see some posts on these in the coming weeks.

I suspect there are probably some more I have missed but until I stumble across the figures or paperwork I doubt they will be moving forward!

Games-wise this year should see more of:

28mm Dux Britanniarum
Neither the figures nor the rules have seen the table in absolutely ages so I am determined to have some games with these soon.

15mm WW1 Eastern Front
Expect to see some games of Battles with Brusilov as my collection grows.

28mm WW2
I am really hoping to get a Pint Sized campaign going this year along with some Big Chain of Command games - hopefully including some Operation Sealion.

28mm Pulp
Expect some two fisted action using Pulp Alley coming soon!

15mm War of the Spanish Succession
I'm still on the look out for my ideal set of rules - so expect more Marlburian action.

28mm Victorian Gothic
Having managed to pick up various bits of appropriate scenery (which is what this project has been missing).  I intend to have some games using it and my existing figure collection (which has been stored away far too long!)

Star Wars
Having expanded my collection of both games and been re-enthused about the genre over Christmas I am planning to have some more games of both this year.  Campaigns for both are also in the planning...

Of course I am bound to be distracted by new shiny things so who knows...


  1. Always good to have a plan - and that is a fine plan. Looking forward to following your progress through the year - whether it actually follows the plan or not!

  2. Look forward to seeing your progress especially on the marlburians

    1. I should have something for you before the end of the month!

  3. Excited to be shadowing you with the 15mm Malburian
    Still trying to figure out I ended up with 28mm WWII
    I was a committed 20mm man (it says so on my Exiles Passport)
    Psst Don'r tell anybody about my 28mm Naps or they will laugh at me - bu I am used to it by now!

    1. Good stuff. I was all 20mm and now have duplicated almost all of it in 28mm now!