Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Artizan Afghan Irregulars

With Artizan Designs gradually expanding their colonial ranges I was looking to see whether anything from their 2nd Afghan War packs might be usable for my Indian Mutiny collection (with the possibility of expanding out to the Afghan war later using some of my Perry Sudan figures in Indian service dress).  I believe Mike Owen, the sculptor Artizan figures, also did the Mutineer Miniatures range for them and so these are a good fit for style.  Here are some photos of the Irregular Command, Swordsmen and Swordsmen II packs:

As with the rest of my Mutiny collection, the figures were painted by Roger and only based by me.


  1. Don't fancy meeting these on the way back from the pub

    1. It would have had to be one hell of a drinking session if you did!