Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Dead Man's Hand Side Street Building 1

As you may have notice from a previous post, one of my purchases at Salute was one of the new 28mm buildings to accompany the Great Escape Games Dead Man's Hand rules.  At launch the range is five buildings, 3 single storey and 2 two storey ones but they are talking about expanding it to a fairly extensive selection in the future.

I only picked up a single building as I wanted to (a) see how it went together and (b) how it scaled with my existing Western buildings.  As with the previous 4Ground buildings I have had, this is a pre-painted laser cut MDF kit and it went together really easily - more easily than some of the other buildings I have had from them.  Here are a few photos of the finished building showing it alongside some of my existing collection (the one to the left is from Hovels and the one to the right from PMC on eBay).

I think they all work pretty well together and I'm really pleased with my new addition.  The kit is £18 from Great Escape Games (the 2 storey ones are £36) but they're not (yet?) available from 4Ground directly.


  1. Difficult to find fault with that, it just looks superb.

    1. I think it's turned out rather nicely and so I expect I will be "investing" in a few more!