Monday, 4 February 2013

First Look: Blenneville or Bust!

I often pick stuff up more out of interest rather than with a genuine plan to doing something with them.  This has been true more than once with Too Fat Lardies' products which are usually interesting even if slightly off schedule.

Given that I am thinking of expanding my 15mm WW2 project a little I wondered if the Blenneville or Bust! campaign book for I Ain't Been Shot Mum (3rd edition) would be helpful - so I picked up a copy.  Whilst it's not exactly cheap at £9.50 for the pdf, it is a whopper at 300 pages!

The campaign is a fictional one, set shortly after D-Day with British and American forces trying to break through German defensive positions.  The campaign follows a pyramid structure with the outcome of each scenario determining which scenario should be played next meaning there is plenty of re-playability and fifteen separate maps are included for the various scenarios.

The forces are based on those appearing in the Battle for Liberation supplement for IABSM3 and, whilst for the full Monty there's quite an investment it does mean they will be re-usable.  A figure requirements table is helpfully included.

Each scenario comes with an introduction and separate briefings for each side with force requirements.  The booklet isn't intended to be printed and read cover to cover but rather for the individual briefing sheets to be printed out ready for any specific game.

The scenarios look nicely varied and the information is presented in a clear and accessible way - all round very interesting.


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    1. There's certainly a lot of effort gone into it. I'm considering using it as the basis for expanding my current collection!