Thursday, 3 May 2012

The Mutiny: HEIC Artillery

And now some support for the British, the Honourable East India Company artillery battery:


  1. Awesome output, you put me to shame! If I could just ask a question on the basing of artillery which will probably only highlight my naivety. I see you have based the crew and piece separately, is this due to the rules that you are using? I was thinking of basing mine all on one base, is that not the done thing?

  2. I base the figures separately for two reasons, firstly I'm on a budget so it allows me to share the guns between different units (which is handy when you have different calibres); and secondly, it helps if you want to use figure removal to record casualties. Putting them on the bases does look better and you can easily record casualties with casualty caps or rings or a dice. In any event they're your figures and so which ever way you decide is the right way! :-)

  3. Excellent work Al, very, very cool!!!