Thursday, 5 January 2012

Plans for 2012

With the New Year in full swing I thought it would be worth outlining my plans for 2012 - if for no other reason than to be able to look back at the end of the year and wonder what the hell I was thinking!

2011 saw quite a bit of progress on a couple of my major projects which creates some space to consider some new ones; however, the house move along with the current economic climate will necessitate a greater level of restraint this year, unfortunately.

28mm Mahdist War - with the last elements of this first phase (the Suakin Campaign) of this project well underway, I can start to think about the second phase - Khartoum.  I already have some of the forces I need and so I will probably pick up some bazingers, baggara horse and a few more Nile arabs.  Then there's the walls...

28mm Indian Mutiny - I am currently tidying and packing up the last of the figures for this stage (Mutineer light infantry and cavalry, artillery for both sides, some personalities and some civilians) ready to go for painting.  I am likely to pause at this point and put my focus elsewhere now.

28mm WW3 - the Mongrel Soviets for this are part based - I just need to persuade Lenin to do some more BAOR to match my existing figures and this will be ready to go.

28mm Early War Polish - having managed to get a core of the Bolt Action figures at a discount from North Star, I am planning to pick up a few more infantry to make up a platoon and a couple of TK tankettes.  Them I will need some German light armour to add to my existing early war German infantry.  These are likely to find their way onto my Salute shopping list.

15mm Marlburian - these figures have taken a bit of a back seat with the focus on the Sudan, the Mutiny and WW2 last year so I am planning to dust them off and work out which units I want to have painted up.  I will also be getting one of my reference books off the shelf to provide some inspiration.

28mm Montrose - these are ready for basing (and, to tell the truth, have been for some time) and so I am planning to get them done in the next couple of months - I just need to settle on a set of rules!

25mm French Revolution - the only thing holding the basing of these back is making a decision on the ground terrain (i.e. what colour).  I need to bite the bullet here!

28mm RCW/WW1 Eastern Front - I am hanging back on these as I haven't been inspired to progress this project (although that could change any moment!) - I just need some Copplestone Bolsheviks and Musketeer figures in greatcoats to move this along.

I think that's it for "in progress" work.  As to possible new projects, there are a few candidates running through my mind at the moment but I can't possibly do more than one of these this year I don't think and probably not until late in the year:

28mm Modern Afghanistan
28mm Maori Wars
28mm Carlist Wars

But, since no plan survives contact with reality, who knows how things may actually turn out!


  1. Good luck with your plan for 2012, lots on the list for sure. Look forward to see those Montrose figs.

  2. Sounds to me as if you have a lot on your plate already! From personal experience the Empress Maori wars range is great fun and I hoping to get a bit more down this year.

  3. Hendrid - the Montrose and Covenanters are both old Redoubt figures - I'm just trying to work out the best way to base them and still be able to store the pikemen!

    Michael - I was starting to think that when I finished typing the post (plus I forgot my 15mm WW2!). The Empress Maori wars figures look excellent - it was those that piqued my interest!

  4. Good luck, Al - my ambitions are extremely modest in fact I have nothing concrete except some more 15mm moderns and expand my 1/72 PSC stuff; plus catch upon the stuff I still have lying around from last year...

  5. I suspect I may not get around to all of the things on the list - after all a couple of them appeared on last year's!