Sunday, 23 January 2011

Stalingrad: Heroes All

The latest supplement for Nuts! Second Edition has just been released by Two Hour Wargames. Based around Stalingrad (obviously!) it provides 22 linked scenarios intended to be played from the German side. The scenarios are broken down into three main phases of the action around Stalingrad, Fall Blau, Rattenkrieg and Operation Uranus.

The supplement comes in at 50 pages overall and is, as usual, available in both PDF and printed formats. The first few pages are taken up with an introduction, background, some historical characters you can introduce and a couple of new character attributes. The necessary tables for the units involved and those for reinforcements and vehicle lists follow. This all takes up the first dozen or so pages and the balance is taken up with the scenarios themselves and their maps.

The various scenarios are of differing sizes from small to medium sized actions and the three phase split provides some quite differing settings including the mandatory factory fighting!

The supplement is intended to be used with the second edition of Nuts! and the previous Eastern Front supplement Clash of Titans; however, it would probably not take much to adapt them to other sets of rules or fill in the blanks.


  1. I'm getting into THW stuff increasingly and love their system, but haven't had a look at Nuts! yet;I will check it out...


  2. I might have a look at this for use with Disposable Heroes.