Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Stage 2 Projects

So following on from my Project Categorisation post, I thought I would try and list out the projects which have reached (or are stuck at) Stage 2 (I thought about Stage 1 but I suspect life's too short!) in roughly chronological order:

15mm/28mm War of Spanish Succession
So far all I have done is purchase a copy of the Beneath the Lily Banners rules which look interesting. They certainly have plenty of eye candy but I suspect that to get the most from this period I would need to go with 15mm rather than 28mm as it will (a) need less table space, (b) be considerably easier to store and (c) be more portable. But some of the 28mm figures are just sooo nice....

28mm American War of Independence
This is a period I have been interested in ever since school but haven't actually dived in to. With the material now coming available for converting Sharp Practice to AWI I am seriously thinking about "investing". So far I have only picked up the relevant supplement from the Lardies and some research books but I can hear those Perry figures calling me....

15mm Napoleonics
This is a period I have been thinking about for some considerable time but keep rethinking every time I work out how many figures I need for any decent battle! Hence my moving to 28mm skirmishes and lately Sharp Practice. But I have at least two rulesets which I would happily use - Shako and Le Feu Sacre - so I suspect I will eventually succumb!

I am sure there are lots more but I'm trying to slow down a bit at Stage 2 to avoid a pile up in Stage 3 projects as you'll see shortly!


  1. AWI is my current side project from WAB. Having a little trouble with uniforms and the dipping technique though so it's on hold!

  2. You have a LOT on the go Whispering Al :)

    I have to say I am particularly impressed with your steady build up of 25/28mm collections. They are gorgeous!

    The 15mm Alexander collection, growing from a stream of DBA armies I salute. I am doing something similar but only much slowly :(

    A FOG Greek/Alexandrian/Persian collection of armies being my end point (if there is ever an end to it all) ;)

    Lots of good background reading to be had there

    I'm curious about the 15mm Nap as with all the good quality 25/28mm Nap plastics you would be better to expand this lot?

  3. Consul - assuming that I take the plunge I'll avoid that problem by getting someone else to paint them! (Cheating I know!)

    Geordie - the problem with 25/28mm Nappy is that you need plenty of table space and I really only have enough to do Sharp Practice. Of course 6mm is another option for those really bug battles too!